Windsor Heights

NEW March 1, 2017 - In most situations an appraisal will not be required.  NFC will use an automated value (AVM) to determine the property value.  This will save time with the loan processing and approximately $400 in loan costs.

NFC is proud to partner with Polk County and the Windsor Heights-Urbandale Sanitary Sewer District to provide a financing option for Windsor Heights residents who need to replace or repair their sewer line as part of the Save Our Sewers (S.O.S.) Program. For additional information on the S.O.S. Program, please visit the Windsor Heights page (leaving NFC web site) or complete an application.


  • A forgivable loan up to $10,000 for sewer repair/replacement is available to be used with NFC repayable financing. The portion of the project that will be forgiven will be 25%, 33% or 50%, up to $10,000, depending on the household income
  • Bids for sewer repair or replacement to be obtained by home owner
  • All plumbers must be approved by the City of Windsor Heights to do repair/replacements within Windsor Heights
  • The forgivable renovation funds are five year forgivable mortgages with 20% forgiven each year of owner-occupancy.  You must occupy the home for five years to receive the full forgiveness 
  • Homeowner must maintain 5% equity in the property
  • Competitive Fixed Interest Rate
  • Property repairs and improvements cannot be completed prior to closing on the NFC loan. NFC will not reimburse for work completed prior to the NFC loan closing

Please contact our Loan Originators for details.


Our program is intended to improve neighborhoods and increase owner occupied home ownership; therefore, you must occupy the property. Borrowers should have owned the home for 1-year before receiving NFC financing. This may be waived if there are emergency repairs that need to be made during the first year.

Please review the complete details of the NFC Advantage Loan for more information or to complete an application