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Please note, there are areas that are part of a limited time offering through NFC, i.e. Windsor Heights or selected neighborhoods in West Des Moines. These properties will not appear in the map from this site as part of the NFC lending area. The mapping on this site is solely for the neighborhoods within Des Moines that are part of the lending area as directed by the City of Des Moines. Please contact NFC with any questions.

Please enter your information to locate a NFC location near you.

State: Iowa

Please click this neighborhood association link to get more details about what goes on in the neighborhood of your property search.

Enter the address in the box above.  If the property is in the Green or Orange area, it is, most likely, in the NFC lending area.  If the property is on the border, please contact NFC for confirmation.

Green Service Area Repairs/Improvements: NFC will focus on properties with eligible repairs and projects as determined by NFC. Qualifying green service area repairs include, but are not limited to:

  • Update of aged or unsafe heating, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Foundation repair
  • Exterior siding repair or replacement and paint
  • Window and door repair or replacement (if in poor condition repair or for energy efficiency)
  • New garage, garage repair or replacement (maximum 2 car garage, 24' X 24')
  • Energy efficiency (insulation, windows, mechanical upgrades)
  • Access/architectural barrier removal and wheelchair or mobility assistive device
  • Sidewalk and driveway repair or replacement
  • Functional landscaping (grading and retaining walls for water and erosion control, significant tree removal or trimming)

Orange Service Area Repairs/Improvements: Typically, unlimited access to NFC lending services. Rehabilitation plans must first address repairs included in the green service areas and then reasonable requests for discretionary improvements may be accepted.