About Us

NFC provides unique lending programs and other services to facilitate targeted neighborhood revitalization in Polk County and Cedar Rapids, Iowa through partnerships with residents, governments, community-based organizations and the business community. For more information on our programs and services, please visit our Loan Programs page. 

This program is made possible through partnerships with the City of Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, West Des Moines, Windsor Heights,  Polk County, and Des Moines and Cedar Rapids area financial institutions and neighborhood associations. Together we are improving neighborhoods.

We Offer: 

Purchase Loans

NFC provides home mortgage loans to individuals seeking to purchase a home in one of our lending areas. Borrowers may also receive up to $12,500 in additional subsidized loans which are forgivable after 5 years of owning the home. Read more . . .

Refinance Loans 

NFC may also help you save money by refinancing an existing mortgage in a home you already own in an NFC lending areas. Read more . . . 

Home Improvement Loans

Make home repairs to a home within our lending areas. The forgivable portion is determined by your household income compared to the median income. Read more . . . 

The Front Porch Home Improvement Loan

Loans through NFC’s Front Porch Program are available to homeowners in NFC lending areas seeking repairs to the exterior of their homes. Read more . . .

The NFC Advantage

Our forgivable loan subsidies are paired with our standard NFC home mortgage to give you even greater buying power. Your loan works harder for you at NFC. Read more . . . 

NFC Properties, LLC

NFC Properties LLC is a program within NFC that purchase and rehabs properties.  Once the property renovation is completed, the property is listed for sale. See our current listings.

NFC Lending by Neighborhood

NFC Des Moines lending by Neighborhood for Polk County, Iowa through the most recent month.


NFC Cedar Rapids LLC lending by Neighborhood for Cedar Rapids, Iowa through the most recent month.