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Friday, March 13, 2020

Ten years ago, Rusty and Heather obtained a home loan through NFC when they purchased their home. In 2019 the couple decided to refinance their home through NFC, which lowered their interest rate and monthly payment, and provided funding to make some updates to their current home. They added a new roof and gutters on the exterior, and a new backsplash in the kitchen. Since it had been 10 years since they had received a forgivable loan, their home was eligible for a 5-year forgivable loan.

“We worked with Richard Cook (loan originator) and Nicole Warrick (loan processor). Both Richard and Nicole were very friendly and knowledgeable,” said Rusty.

Rusty was very impressed with the loan process and he should know as he was a loan originator for three years.

“This loan was the smoothest loan process that I have been a part of, and NFC was able to close on our loan a month before their estimated loan closure date,” said Rusty.

 Rusty and Heather chose to work with NFC again because of NFC’s forgivable loan program and because the NFC staff was very helpful during the loan process.

 Based on their experience, Rusty and Heather said that they would recommend NFC to a family member, friend or neighbor.

 “If you are interested in working with NFC in the future, listen to your loan originator and loan processor. They both know what they are doing; the team at NFC can handle it,” advised Rusty.

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