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If you are looking at purchasing a home, please review our Homebuying Journey, Your Steps Home Timeline to help ensure a smooth loan process.

If you are planning on refinancing or getting a home improvement type loan, please review our Home Renovations Timeline to help ensure a smooth loan process. 

If you would prefer to talk to a loan originator before starting a loan application for Des Moines, please contact NFC by email or call 515-246-0010 to schedule an in-person or phone appointment.


If you would like to apply for a loan and to expedite the process, please complete our online application. Please follow the online application instructions here.   

Submitting an online application is safe, secure and easy!  Once you submit your online application, we will automatically create an account for you that can be used to upload PDF documents needed for your loan application as well as provide you with access to updates on your loan application process. Upon completion of the application, you will be contacted for payment of the $101 non-refundable application fee to order a credit report.

Click here if you experience technical difficulties with the online application process.

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If you are not able to complete our online application, you may also download our NFC Loan Inquiry Form. Return a completed form with payment for the $101 application fee to NFC.

Si usted no puede completar nuestra aplicacion en linea, Usted tambien puede descargar nuestra aplicacion de consulta de NFC Puede regresar el documento completo con la tarifa de aplicacion de $101 a NFC.

NFC now accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express for the application fee

If you are purchasing a home, review the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Your Home Loan Toolkit - English Version - Spanish Version

Tips on a successful application:

 If you are purchasing a home, provide a fully executed purchase contract to NFC

 NFC evaluation is to be ordered by an NFC loan originator

 Upon receipt of the NFC evaluation, renovation requirements will be discussed with the buyer

 The buyer will need to obtain bids for the required renovation: Our homebuyers must obtain bids from independent contractors to do the proposed rehabilitation. The Bid Process provides guidelines for the homebuyer, the Realtors and the independent contractors

 Upon receipt of the bids, collect a $425 non-refundable application fee to order the appraisal and other documents required for closing your loanConsumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Regulation Z Appraisal Disclosure

 Upon receipt of the appraisal, final underwriting to occur

 Closing to be scheduled

• Property repairs and improvements CANNOT be completed prior to closing on the NFC loan. NFC will NOT reimburse for work completed prior to the NFC loan closing.

For more information, please contact an NFC Loan Originator


If you would like to schedule a time to meet with a Loan Originator please call NFC at 515-246-0010 or email NFC through the CONTACT button at the top of this page.