Front Porch Loan Makes New Garage Possible

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

About a month prior to working with Neighborhood Finance Corporation, Elaine had been pricing a new garage and driveway repair on her existing home. She had wanted a garage for years and her driveway had cracked over the winter. But when she got the estimates from the contractor, she almost changed her mind. Until the contractor suggested she reach out to NFC. 

Elaine made the call and got right in to meet with them. They went over what options were available to her and she closed on the loan within a month. NFC’s Front Porch Program provides a forgivable loan up to $10,000 to qualified homeowners in the NFC lending area to make exterior repairs to the home, which, in Elaine’s case, included a new garage and driveway repair or replacement. 

“It was a quick, smooth process,” Elaine said. “I can’t wait to get my car in the garage. I’m tired of scraping snow off it in the winter!” 

Elaine has owned her home for 10 years and is glad to be able to make these upgrades. The garage she’ll be putting in is slightly longer and wider than one stall, allowing room for her car, tools, and lawn equipment. She says these home improvements will be a huge benefit—one that could also make it more appealing to prospective buyers if she chose to sell her home in the future. 

“Not only is the new garage and driveway repair an advantage to me,” Elaine says, “it adds to the overall neighborhood rejuvenation.” 

For more information on NFC’s purchase, refinance and home improvement renovation loans, please contact us at 319.777.7217.

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