NFC Recognized Nationally for Ability to Attract Lending Capital & Keep Des Moines Vibrant

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Neighborhood Finance Corporation (NFC) Recognized Nationally for Ability to Attract Lending Capital and Keep Des Moines Neighborhoods Vibrant

“Our organization’s emphasis on rebuilding existing structures has been a success. NFC’s lending programs have attracted new buyers to Des Moines, helped people stay in their homes and increased property values in the communities we serve.” 

DES MOINES, IOWA – January 10, 2017 – “Neighborhood trust, community connections and a strong track record of lending success have also improved NFC’s ability to attract lending capital,” said Stephanie Preusch, NFC’s executive director.  “Recently, NFC tripled its commitment from Fannie Mae, from $5 to $15 million a year. NFC continues to receive annual support of at least $5 million from local investors.”

For these reasons and more, Des Moines Neighborhood Finance Corporation (NFC) is now featured in the recently published book “NeighborWorks Works: Practical Solutions from America’s Community Development Network.”

Since May 4, 1990, the Neighborhood Finance Corporation has originated more than $300 million loans and grants that have helped revitalize more than 5,000 housing units in 27 designated neighborhoods in both Des Moines and West Des Moines, as well as in low- to moderate-income areas in those cities. NeighborWorks Works: Practical Solutions from America’s Community Development Network is published by NeighborWorks America,a national organization working through partnerships, public and private, to drive change at the local level for individuals, families and communities.

The book features new ideas in cross-sector collaboration, energy-efficient and manufactured homes, senior housing, community engagement, community revitalization, outcome measurement and more. The case studies also illustrate how housing and resident engagement can be a platform for advances in health, education, workforce development, youth leadership and other pressing issues.

"This book highlights so many innovators in community development. It is an honor to be included as one of them," said Preusch. 

Preusch was also given the opportunity to speak about NFC at the book’s launch during a NeighborWorks America Symposium in Washington, D.C.

 Copies of the book are available through NFC or through

NFC, a 501(c)(3) organization, provides unique lending programs and other services to facilitate neighborhood revitalization in Polk County through partnerships with residents, governments, community based organizations and the business community.

To speak with Stephanie Preusch about the NFC’s history or loan products, call 246-0010 or email her at

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