Find a Contractor

NFC provides a list of contractors that have done work for other NFC borrowers as a resource.  You do not need to use these contractors for your NFC project.  NFC is not endorsing these contractors.

  • Frequently Asked Questions will guide you through the process of getting bids for your renovation project.
  • Example Renovation Contract  - NFC is required to get a Renovation Contract to meet the requirements of our investors. This example can be used or you can provide an alternative document for approval. The Contract must be completed by you and your contractor.
  • Instructions for Example Contract provides instructions to complete the Renovation Contract.
  • Renovation Loan Agreement is the document the borrower will sign at their loan closing with NFC.  This is provided as a sample and should not be completed as part of the bid process.

Other information on the home renovation process and working with a contractor through the NFC process

Property repairs and improvements CANNOT be completed prior to closing on the NFC loan.  NFC will NOT reimburse for materials purchased or work completed prior to the NFC loan closing.

Click here for a list of contractors that have worked on prior NFC Cedar Rapids area projects.